The axies are hungry! They will eat each other based on their types.
More the axie eats, bigger it gets, more points it gets, more SLP it gets!
The last three axies standing are the winners!

Gameplay prototype

Prototype gameplay

Axies types and their diets

Plant, reptile, and dusk
cannot eat beast, bug, and mecha
Beast, bug, and mecha
cannot eat aqua, bird, and dawn
Aqua, bird, and dawn
cannot eat plant, reptile, and dusk

Dinner time!

Beast dinning

This is a proof of concept of an axie eating another one.

Please keep in mind that this is not how the animations will look like in the final version of the game.

Digest extra information

The game loads in a waiting room and it will start after 12 players join the match. The game starts with all axies positioned in random locations.
Axies get bigger and slower after eating another axie. A small axie cannot eat a bigger axie.
When there are only 3 players left or the time is over, the match ends. The match time limit is 5 minutes.
Each player has 2 lives.


The monetization details below are based on maximum monthly revenue of 50K USD. If the monthly revenue changes, the monetization will also change to comply with the treasury rules.
Players will have to pay a fee of 10 SLP to join a match.

How the SLP per each match will be used for:

SLP quantity SLP % Description
60 SLP 50% Will return to players as rewards and random SLP’s on the map during the match.
6 SLP 5% Will be saved to return to players as rewards in future features like weekly ranking.
54 SLP 45% Will be used to pay bills, developers, and other resources to keep the project going.
Total 120 SLP

How the SLP per match will return to players:

SLP quantity Description
15 SLP To the top first player
10 SLP To the top second player.
5 SLP To the top third player.
30 SLP When axies or SLP are eaten.
Total 60 SLP

Final notes

Please be aware that everything mentioned here is not final and might change.