Logo contest winner!

Hungry Axie has a brand new logo!
The logo contest winner was Julio Cova - Discord: proteus#1748 - Twitter: @jccovat! And the new logo is below!

Julio Cova proteus#1748

It was hard for us to decide because there were so many good logos!
Thank you everybody for participating!

Honorable mentions

Honorable mentions to the logos below from Luluciienta#7215 and Roxy203060#4474

Logo contest (completed)

Hungry Axie needs a logo! Do you wanna win some AXS? Join our contest to find the coolest Hungry Axie logo!

The logo needs to have the name "Hungry Axie" in it. Also the logo may contain any of the axies listed on the following ronin accounts: ronin:c95149de0749c489d6eb2e8d3071558ad1fa4ef5 and ronin:e3dafabfc46df10c1ea3d66c13192136fc796359.

The AXS prize will be updated here in the next few days. Your name will also be featured in Hungry Axie website!

Submit your version of Hungry Axie logo in our discord channel by June 30, 2022. The team will decide which one we like the best.

Update: you can participate with more than one logo! there is no size restriction so feel free to make different logo sizes as options!
Update 2: honorable mentions will happen!

Good luck!